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Club Rules

Club Rules

The name and objects of the Club shall be as set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Membership requirements shall be as set out in the Articles of Association except that…
(i) pursuant to Article 7 the name and address of any person proposed for election must, for not less than two days before the election, be prominently displayed in the Club in a part frequented by members
(ii) the rules must not make any such provision for the admission of persons to membership otherwise than as ordinary members (or in accordance with the rules required for ordinary members by sub-paragraph (i) of this paragraph) as is likely to result in the number of members so admitted being significant in proportion to the total membership.

(i) Intoxicating liquor shall not be supplied to nor consumed on the premises by any person under the age of 18 years.
(ii) The permitted hours of sale of intoxicants are, in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003, as detailed on the Club Premises Certificate issued by the Fenland District Council. The Club shall be opened and closed at such hours as may from time to time be fixed by the Management Committee and as posted in the Club.

By arrangement with the Management Committee, the Club premises and facilities may be available for use by persons who are not members of the Club on such occasions as tournaments, county and national competitions and invitation matches as listed in the Club's official handbook for the season, and for the sale of intoxicating liquor to such persons providing they are either Associate Members as mentioned in Section 67 of the Licensing Act 2003 or have been admitted as members of the Club in accordance with Rule 2 (ii) above.

A member or associate member may personally introduce friends as guests but no member or associate may introduce more than two friends at any one time. The guest and the member introducing shall sign their names in the book kept for that purpose. No member shall be entitled to introduce a guest during the hours when the licensed premises in the locality are not open for sale of intoxicants to the public. The following shall not be admitted as guests:
(a) former members who have been expelled
(b) former members who have ceased to be members through non payment of subscriptions
(c) members who are under suspension
(d) a person who has been admitted under this rule four times in the current calendar year.
Members must accompany guests introduced by them during the period of their stay in the Club and no guest shall be permitted to make any payment for intoxicating liquor directly or indirectly.
The Committee may debar a member introducing a particular person as a guest if they so think fit.

(1) For the purpose of this Rule the following definitions will apply: -
(i) Club Functions
Any function organised by the Management or Members of the Club, which is solely for the benefit of Club members and their bona fide guests or visitors to the Club admitted in accordance with Rule 5 shall be a Club function.
(ii) Members Functions
A member’s function organised for the celebration by a member of the Club of a personal event such as a birthday, a wedding, a wedding anniversary, retirement and the like.
(iii) Public Function
A public function is any function held at the Club premises, which is neither a members’ function nor a Club function. Such functions shall be held in accordance with the Temporary Event Notice procedure set out in the Licensing Act 2003.
(2) Intoxicating liquor may be sold/supplied to members and their guests for consumption on the Club premises (but not otherwise) in accordance with Rule 5 at any time within permitted hours as defined in Rule 3 (ii) hereof.
(3) Save for, as hereinbefore mentioned, should any visitor introduced by a member pay for intoxicating liquor, he shall at once be removed from the premises. If introduced by a member, the member may be expelled from membership on the fact being duly proved; and it shall be the duty of any officer or member of the Club becoming aware of such breach of the rules to report it at once to the Secretary or to the Management Committee.
(4) Nothing in these rules shall permit the supply of intoxicating liquor otherwise than for consumption on the Club premises.

The Management Committee shall appoint up to 4 of its members over the age of 18 to form the Bar Committee. At a meeting of the Bar Committee, three shall form a quorum. The representatives of the Bowling Sections on the Management Committee may not sit on the Bar Committee unless the person concerned is an officer of the Club. The purchase for the Club and the supply by the Club of intoxicating liquor shall be in the absolute discretion of the Bar Committee. In the event of any member ceasing to be a member of the Management Committee, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Bar Committee and another member of the Management Committee shall be appointed to replace. The Bar Committee, which shall meet from time to time during the year as required, shall in no way be restricted in its freedom of purchase.

Smoking is prohibited within the enclosed premises of the Club (smoking in the car park is allowed). Anyone found smoking within the Club shall face disciplinary action.

(i) The Club shall consist of a Men’s section, Ladies’ section and a Pensioners’ section.
(ii) The administration of each of the sections shall be carried out by a committee (hereinafter called a ‘bowling committee’) elected by the members as hereinafter provided.
(iii) The overall administration of the Club, including day-to-day running of the Club, shall be carried out by the Management Committee.

(i) Each bowling committee shall consist of an elected Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary together with a minimum of three other members. At its first meeting the bowling committees shall appoint respective captains and vice-captains of their sections (unless dealt with separately at the AGM) and a representative to the Management Committee.
(ii) Eligibility for election to bowling committees shall be as follows:
Men’s Committee - all male members
Ladies Committee - all female members
Pensioners Committee - all members not less than sixty years of age at the date of the Annual General Meeting.
(iii) Members of each bowling committee shall hold office for a term of one year after which all such members shall be eligible for re-election, although the Chairman may serve a maximum of two years consecutively.
(iv) Each bowling committee shall have the power to co-opt up to three eligible members to their respective committees should such additions be deemed necessary for specific purposes or to fill any vacancies that may occur during any one year.
(v) Each bowling committee shall in a calendar year hold a minimum of three meetings all of which to be convened in the main bowling season September – April. Each bowling committee shall have, at their discretion, the power to remove from their respective committees any member of their committee being persistently absent from meetings.
(vi) At bowling committee meetings four shall form a quorum. Any meeting shall be convened provided that all members of the respective committees entitled to receive notice thereof shall have received the same 48 hours before the meeting is due to take place.
(vii) Each bowling committee shall be empowered to appoint sub-committees from their number as are required from time to time and shall be empowered to determine the terms of reference of sub-committees at the time of such appointment. The Chairman and Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all such sub-committees.

(i) The following business shall be conducted at an Annual General Meeting of each bowling section to be held in April or May each year:
- the election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and other elected members
- the Secretary's Report
- other such business as shall have been included in the notice of the meeting.
(ii) Nominations shall be made for those stated in (i) above on the Club notice board. In the event of a shortfall in nominations, those proposed in (i) above shall be elected and the balance elected from nominations made at the meeting.
(iii) The quorum at any General Meeting of a Bowling Section shall be 8.
(iv) All resolutions and other matters shall be decided by a majority vote of all members present and voting. Where the voting is equal, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

12. A First Aid box is located next to the Defibrillator by the office door. A Catering First Aid box is located in the kitchen.
13. The Defibrillator is ready for immediate use and housed with ancillary equipment by the office door.
14. All accidents/incidents must be recorded on an Accident Report Form, which is located in the kitchen, first top draw on left. Completed forms must be officially signed by the Secretary as soon as is practical.
15. Read the emergency fire instructions.
16. No running shall be permitted on the green.
17. When using bowls buggies use the ramp provided to enter/exit rink.
18. Be careful when stepping on and off the green. Use handrails provided. Beware of the dangers of ditches surrounding the rinks.
19. To avoid injury whilst playing, group woods well away from mat, taking care with ankles and fingers when kicking back.
20. At the commencement and end of all games, all woods must be carried NOT BOWLED to the starting point. This procedure also applies to a burnt end.
21. Bowls equipment must not be left in the lounge/dining/bar area of the Club. Bowls must not be stored on top of the lockers in the locker room.
22. A member is responsible for the orderly behaviour of any child who accompanies him/her in the Club.
23. The Club (Management Committee) accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to a member’s property (including vehicles) whilst on Club premises.

Regulation bowls shoes/sandals (non-ribbed soles) must be worn at all times when on the green. Footwear may be brown, grey or white in colour. If wearing white footwear, do not stand directly behind the jack.
Correct Club dress must be worn at all times in league games, Club competitions, casual roll-ups, friendly matches and when representing the Club in county league, county competitions, national competitions, and when marking, and comprises…
Ladies’                                                     Men’s
Bowls shoes/sandals                               Bowls shoes/sandals
Regulation grey skirt/trousers                  Grey trousers                     NO JEANS
White blouse type top with collar              White shirt with collar
(limited coloured piping/brand logos, etc., permissible)
Club coloured shirt                                   Club coloured shirt
Club coloured waistcoats/tops                 White pullover/top
Brown tights or stockings                         White zip jackets
                                                               Club ties                                                              


Abuse to a Person
A person, whether a member or guest, shall not abuse any other person in any way whatsoever, whilst on Club premises, including the car park.
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
No player shall cause him or herself to become unfit to play through alcohol or drug abuse during the course of a game.
Mobile Phones
The use of Mobile Phones must be kept on silent mode at all times whilst on Club premises.
All complaints regarding the behaviour of members or their guests should be submitted in writing and presented to the Secretary within 7 Days of the occurrence.
The Management Committee will meet to hear a complaint within 14 days of the complaint being lodged. The Management Committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including the termination of membership and barring of guests.
The outcome of a disciplinary hearing will be notified in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the person against whom the complaint was made within 7 days of the hearing.
There will be a right of appeal to the Management Committee following disciplinary action being announced. The Management Committee will consider the appeal within 14 days of the Secretary receiving the appeal in writing.

None of the foregoing shall be repealed, altered or added to except by the authority of the Management Committee and shall require a clear two-thirds majority of Management Committee members present and voting on any such resolution.